Based in Margate, we have our own production facility with professional crew, animation stages, cyclorama, digital studio, model-making workshops and editing suite.

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Located in the beautiful Victorian Old Laundry building in Margate, an hour away from London.
Our versatile studio boasts 5,000sq ft of production space this set-up reduces production time and helps keep costs down.


Our Studios

We have two studios, one of which has a built in infinity curve, we have a fully equipped model-making workshop, a digital animation studio and an editing suite. We also have in-house camera equipment, lights, kit, technicians and crew, all available with studio hire.


photo of the a & C Studios team

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We are A+C. We have the best jobs in the world, at least that’s what we think. Working with puppets, bringing stories to life and creating magic from our wonderful studio by the sea. We are home to a dedicated production crew who are incredibly passionate about animation and all that it entails.

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