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Stop-motion production is our specialty, passion and obsession. Our experienced team can create anything from puppet animation to paper-craft, claymation to LEGO and we animate products too. Here’s some of our work below...

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We are stop-motion specialists
There is a magic that comes with making stop-motion. Creating handcrafted worlds, playing with puppets and using the same techniques to produce animation that have been used of over 100yrs. In the fast-paced and ever digitalised world of today, stop-motion provides an anchor to the real world and continues to stay relevant in the face of more contemporary production methods. We love what we do and we love to share the magic that this method of animating brings.

Check out some of our favourite pieces of work in our latest stop-motion reel...

How We Work


Like with any production, the development stage is when we get our ducks in a row. We discuss and develop the concept, script or idea (even if it’s just a nugget of an idea) and essentially get every thing in place to move this idea forward into pre-production.

Stop Motion


Once we've moved into pre-production, we begin design. Our talented illustrators can use agreed style references to produce bespoke designs just for you, alternatively we can work from existing designs. These then act as a blueprint for our model-making team of which the puppets, sets and props will be born from.

Stop Motion


Next up, a storyboard is created to give us a rough visual representation of the script. This will illustrate in sequence: shot choices, general movements and/or performance within the frame and any script notes.


Stop Motion


Sometimes it's necessary to take the storyboard a step further and turn it into a rough moving video which we call an animatic. This helps with the pace, camera framing and other aspects like transitions and set-ups. It's also at this point that an approved voiceover recording will be required so we can ensure timings match up perfectly.

Stop Motion


For traditional character animations we will need to make all of the characters, sets, costumes, models, props and backgrounds. These will all be handcrafted by our highly skilled in-house model-making team, using all of  the approved concept designs as reference.

For product animations we require all featured products to be sent to the studio to be prepped for animation. Prep can included rigging the product to secure it to set, adapting the product for animation or something simple like applying dulling spary to reduce on-set reflections.

Stop Motion


Production begins. Animating stop-motion can be a time-consuming process. On an average commercial shoot our animators will try to capture between 5-10 seconds of footage per day. This might sounds slow however, when you compare it to the 2-5 seconds captured per week on a feature film we don't do too badly. To shorten the shoot time we also have the ability to shoot on multiple rigs with multiple animators.

Stop Motion


With the animation wrapped, each frame will be 'cleaned-up' by our compositors, removing rigs and hiding imperfections. Once complete our editors will cut together all the cleaned up frames, add any voice over as well as adding the overall colour grade, visual effects, titles, music and sound effects. We will then deliver the final film to you in your desired format.

Stop Motion
Stop Motion


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