Stop-motion production is our specialty, passion and obsession. Our experienced team can create anything from puppet animation to paper-craft, claymation, LEGO and branded content.

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How does stop-motion animation work?

Here at A+C Studios we create stop-motion, or stop-frame animation as some might know it, for a range of clients. Whether working with direct brands or alongside an advertising agency the process of stop-motion animation is often uncharted territory. Stop-motion is an animation technique shot within a studio environment using a series of still photographs. It is achieved by capturing one frame at a time, with objects or puppets moved incrementally between frames. When all frames are played back in rapid succession (25 times a second) it creates the illusion of movement.

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We are stop-motion specialists

You’re in safe hands with stop-motion here at A+C Studio. We work with some of the most established specialists in the industry and our seaside studio is a one-stop-shop for all things stop-motion related. We have access to everything we need making the process as straight forward as possible.