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How We Work


We kick things off by discussing your specific brief and project requirements. We like to find out as much as we can about your audience and objectives so we can get the tone and message of the animation perfectly aligned with the brand. We work with clients near and far and love to collaborate and develop ideas. Whether it’s on a Skype call or over fish & chips at our Margate studio, we’re always happy to learn more about a brand.


With a script agreed, we move onto designs. Design assets for stop-motion can include characters, sets, props and backgrounds. At this stage it’s always great to be provided with visual references if there is a clear idea of style direction. Once all designs have been approved, they will act as a fixed blueprint for our model team.

Model making

For traditional character animations we will need to make all of the characters, sets, costumes, models, props and backgrounds. These elements can all be hand-crafted by our in-house team of skilled model-makers using all of the approved concept designs as reference. For product animations we require all featured products to be sent to our studio in advance of the first day of animation for our model team to prep the products for the shoot.


Then the magic happens. Stop-frame animation can be a timely process and unsurprisingly the more complicated the shot the longer it will take to complete. On an average commercial shoot our animators capture between 5-10 seconds of footage per day. And we can speed the process up through shooting on multiple rigs with multiple animators.


With the animation wrapped our editors will do what is commonly referred to as the ‘offline’ edit or rough edit. This involves editing together all the individual shots and adding voiceover. Our compositors may also be required to remove any rigging. Once the offline edit is approved it’s time for the film to be polished and perfected in the online edit. Here we give the film an overall colour grade as well as adding visual effects, titles, music and sound effects.