The Power of Paper-Craft – 5 top tips for animating with paper

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Paper-craft animation is loved the world over thanks to its charm, striking aesthetic and accessibility. Cut out animation was one of the earliest forms of stop-motion and is still a firm favourite with audiences today – thanks in no small part to the early seasons of South Park. We love nothing more than using the […]

SIX Attributes To Being A Great Stop-Motion Animator

Being a stop-motion animator is the ultimate job. What could be better than being paid to play around with puppets and make incredible films? But it’s not for the faint-hearted. Beyond the obvious skills of the job, there are less apparent attributes that are essential, paramount even, to being an incredible animator. Here are six […]

How Long Does Stop-Motion Animation Really Take To Make?

Behind the scenes Trivago TVC

When people think of stop-motion more often than not what springs to mind, after Wallace & Gromit of course, is the craft involved in making it. Not least the time. Oh, the time. Often described as ‘time-consuming’ or ‘painstaking’ stop-motion is by nature, not the quickest process around, but how long does it really take […]

The Creativity of Claymation

Claymation Plasticine Shelf

The nostalgia of children’s TV makes clay animation one of the fondest forms of stop-motion animation. Plasticine and clay can be morphed, moulded and crafted into any shape making it the perfect medium for creating memorable characters and telling memorable stories.

A+C Explains it all with LEGO bricks

Explained with LEGO - Stop-motion

How long would it take to drive to the moon? Do leprechauns create rainbows? Can cars drive themselves? These are exactly the questions LEGO’s new “Explained with LEGO Bricks” series is aiming to answer with a brand new educational show that mixes live-action and stop-motion animated comedy. 

Behind the scenes: meet stop-motion model-maker, Hetty

Following the success of our trivago campaign, we’ve taken some time to interview members of the talented crew involved. Hetty was one of the model making team who helped to hand-craft each beautiful set, prop and character featured in the film. Here’s what Hetty has to say…

Bagpuss, Peter and I. By Dan Richards

Peter Firmin interview

Being an 80’s kid, and before everyone had a Nintendo console, entertainment came in the shape of action figures and morning television. Each morning after my dad had left for work, I would sit with my fold-out tray balanced over my legs with a bowl of Coco-pops and watch Ivor the Engine without fail.

Meet our animation Director, Dan Richards!

Dan Richards interview

Dan was 12 years old when he made his first stop-motion animation.  A little more than a decade later, upon graduating from the prestigious Bristol School of Animation, he worked at Aardman Animations on the animated film Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Content That Converts

Animated social content

At the start of this year we’re focussing on content and its importance across channels such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Video content has become a powerful tool for brands looking to communicate with their audiences and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like changing.

Let’s not leave it to chance in 2017

animation production company

So we may not actually be 100% verified soothsayers just yet, but we’ve got an inkling about 2017 that we thought we should share. Lean in my friend. This year animated content is going to be big. Huge even.

Stop motion isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas animation blog

At this time of year we’d appreciate you sparing a thought for the poor little animators who’ve spent the last few months locked away in dark studios.

What do points make?

American Express animation

If you responded “Prizes!” to the title then you’re probably in the age demographic that American Express are targeting with their current Rewards campaign.  If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then please bear with us as these are normally quite good posts.