My Stop-Motion Studio Internship – By James Yuill

I’ve had an interest in animation ever since I was young. Most of my mornings would be spent watching cartoons, and most evenings watching films. As I got older I began to spend more time researching how the animations I loved were actually made. It quickly became clear to me how much hard work and […]

Preparing for the animation industry

Huslab animation

Following the incredible response to our last post ‘How to get a job in animation’, we wanted to share more advice for those looking to forge a career in animation. So forgetting portfolios and C.Vs for just a second, let’s focus on the things you can be doing right now to prepare for a career in […]

How to get a job in animation

Happy Egg Stop Motion

Getting into animation is tough, we’re not going to lie. The industry is now largely made up of contracted/freelance workers, so fulltime positions can be hard to come by.