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If you responded “Prizes!” to the title then you’re probably in the age demographic that American Express are targeting with their current Rewards campaign.  If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about then please bear with us as these are normally quite good posts.

Back in September we received a stonking brief from Ogilvy and the concept was simple; turn the everyday small stuff you buy into bigger stuff.  An idea ripe for stop-motioning, for sure But of course being animators we had to find a way to make things more complicated than they were already. Brilliant!

So it came to pass that our incredible model makers built headphones standing seven feet tall, a suitcase capable of smuggling 50 real ones inside it, and a guitar that Mr Fantastic would struggle to play.  Pretty impressive stuff if we say so ourselves.

A+C Director Dan Richards said:

“When we first saw the brief I wasn’t entirely sure if this was possible to do for real, but thankfully the team here at A+C convinced me we could.  I’m so glad they did as this job has taught me lots and the finished films are something that we’re all very proud of”.

Once we’d designed these incredible structures we then went about animating them into life. It took fourteen days and saw us film most of the shots in reverse.  I think its fair to say that this was one of the trickiest projects we’ve undertaken, but thankfully the small amount of pain brought about a big reward in the shape of some great films. We hope you agree.

Ogilvy Producer James Royce commented:

“We came to A+C with a script deemed too ambitious to deliver for the budget and timings available. They immediately said it could be done without compromising the original vision of the films and delivered a treatment which was absolutely spot on, sailing through the approvals process. Things kept on the same course from that point on, with little to no feedback required throughout the entire process – allowing us to enjoy a number of very enjoyable daytrips to Margate in a stress-free environment ”.

You can watch the films below or visit


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