Cheerios animation stop-frame

What did you have for breakfast? We had a rather yummy bowl of Cheerios Oat Crisp. Tomorrow we’ll have the same and I imagine we’ll repeat this again and again until all the boxes have been eliminated from our office.

But don’t worry we’ve not suddenly become crazed cereal-killers we’re just working our way through the left over product from our Cheerios shoot!

Back in March we received a lovely little brief from McCann London that required a mix of stop motion and live action to help launch a new product on TV in the UK. The adult targeted spot would need to embrace the fun ethic of Cheerios whilst also conveying an older sensibility. Yep we can do that, no problem.

And thus we started the month long project that involved a location shoot, a motion-control rig and a whole heap of cereal. Now stop-motion animation is a tricky task at the best of times but mix in a food-stylist, a hand-artist and a stupendously high milk pour — all in one continuous take — and it becomes a bit like that scene in Apollo 13. As ever though we landed that baby safely and once the cheering has subsided we’ll be off on our next mission.

For this product launch they’ve introduced two new oat-based cereals under the Cheerios brand, Cheerios Oat Crisp and Cheerios Cinnamon Oat Crisp. Oat Crisp is aimed at consumers concerned about taking care of their health, but not willing to compromise on taste to do this — who want an “easier, lighter, tastier” option.

Cheerios say; “ this new product made with whole grain oats & mixed with light and crispy cheerios, developed to help lower cholesterol! Naturally high in fibre, low in saturated fat and containing beta-glucan from oat fibre, Cheerios Cinnamon Oat Crisp can help keep your heart healthy.”

We say; “they taste flipping awesome!”

You can watch the ad below or just keep an eye out for it on TV.


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