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The remarkable thing about stop motion is that people have been using the technique to be innovative ever since it came about in the 1890s right up to today.Back in the days of penny farthings and Queen Victoria, the likes of J. Stuart Blackton and Georges Méliès were messing around with stop frame to conjure wizard like effects for films such as The Humpty Dumpty Circus and A Trip to the Moon.

Pioneers in bringing stop motion to wide audiences came about in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but in the interim before the internet took off, one could argue that stop motion didn’t gain much attention in the mainstream as some of us die-hard fans would like. However, since the internet (and particularly broadband internet) online video has become the king of content, with stop motion animation as a trusty steed.

YouTube, then Facebook, then Vine, then Instagram (the list goes on..) have allowed animation nerds and companies alike to create some very cool stop motion stuff that people will actually get to see.

Here’s a rundown of our favs from the past 12 months.

Lowes – FixinSix

#WCWProj2016 – Lottie Reiniger

Alzheimer’s Research UK presents #sharetheorange

Honda Paper – A Stop Motion Brand Story

Paper Epicness. Moleskine & Game of Thrones


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