Oreo stop motion animation

As every dad  knows, there are few things in life more satisfying than dazzling your children with magic tricks.

It doesn’t take a lot to convince a young child that you possess special powers – the most rudimentary skills will suffice – but nothing trumps your kid filled with pride and thinking you’re the coolest dad ever.

It was this joyous and sentimental feeling that FCB Inferno and Oreo wanted for their latest Wonderfilled film.

The animation touches on the things we do to try to impress our children and places the act of giving an Oreo as a symbol of affection; a touching bid from father to son to become his child’s definition of a hero.

In this case, being a hero means magic tricks and the transformation of Oreos to a gloriously golden hue; but unbeknownst to the dad, his son  is playing along to get more tasty treats.

The message is pure, feel-good and effective, encouraging viewers to not take things so seriously.

 The handcrafted papier mache ‘shoe-box’ theatre – complete with paper curtains – transports you back to a time of imaginative play .

Using pixilation, the fathers hand cranks open the curtain and  the motion control rig begins to pan into the stage to tell the father-child tale.

The story then develops using aptly timed typography of  the lyrics of the accompanying music as the stage backdrop. Animating the lyrics provided a special kind of challenge in terms of timing; but delivers a charming and vibrant narrative of Oreo’s touching message.

Dan Richards, Director of A+C , said ” Oreo as a brand has a very clear point of view in terms of seeing the world with openness and curiosity. This ideology  makes the Wonderfilled campaign a perfect fit for the free-form world animation.

With all content they produce, they make the very conscious decision to play and experiment; it’s the perfect recipe for creative work and we’re thrilled to have contributed to it for a second time with stop motion animation.

You can watch the delightful film on Oreos social media and below.


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