A+C animation Lookbook

Months ago we started putting together a lovely little look book to show you what we do and how we do it. Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally managed to find time to complete it. Phew!  A book though? How retro. Well it lives online so I guess it’s both old and new, a bit like animation itself then.

At A+C we craft each idea to ensure that every film is truly unique and as engaging as possible.  Now this may seem contrary in a world where demands have grown and budgets have shrunk but we believe that if we can deliver a job on time and on budget then why wouldn’t we make it the best we can?  

It’s no longer about who can afford to put a logo on a tennis player or a TV ad in Corrie, it’s about who gets a great idea out there that people respond to and share. You need to react if you’re going to feed the consumers demand for content and traditional production doesn’t work that way. It involves freelance crew, hiring cameras, lenses, lighting, props, sourcing a studio, booking post-production etc and once you’ve dealt with all that you’ll need at least another week or so until you’re ready to start shooting. What a palaver!  

Fear not though overworked agencies and beleaguered brands, A+C studios are here to help you deliver quick and affordable films without any cost to the creative. We’ve got everything your production needs, little or large, and it’s all living happily under one roof.  You’ve heard it all before? We thought as much and that’s why we decided to assemble a studio look book for you all to scrutinize. Why not take a quick peek and get an insight into our animated world, see what we can achieve and hopefully get inspired to pay us a visit, with or without a script.

See you soon.

Images by www.jobridgesphotography.com



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