Christmas animation blog

At this time of year we’d appreciate you sparing a thought for the poor little animators who’ve spent the last few months locked away in dark studios. With little else for company but warbling vegetables and spent crackers, it’s about now that they emerge reeking of pine and curdled trifle wishing they’d chosen a different career path.

A+C Lead Animator James Harvey grumbled:

“I hope I never ever have to see another singing sprout or dancing turkey….until next year”.

You could argue it’s their own fault and that if they didn’t conjure up magical new worlds for us to devour they wouldn’t find themselves in this predicament.  I mean what do they expect breathing life into inanimate objects and creating visual richness deserving of more than one viewing? Well?

Chivas, Communications Manager Jennifer Stevenson added:  

“A+C instantly impressed us with their highly creative ideas and genuine passion for creating original animation. Their pitch definitely stood out as being the most ambitious and their idea to put our employees at the centre of the animation by creating wooden characters working in a distillery and bottling hall was genius!”

Whoever’s fault it is matters not now, and with this merry season upon us it seems only right that we should be giving what we can. So to all you clever craft spewing sorts we’d like to gift you a promise. A promise that we, and the entire advertising world, will do more stop motion animating all year round and not just for the festive period.

Happy Christmas animators!

This is the kind of thing that causes the problem:



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