A+C animation showreel

Now that we’ve finished building our new website, making a TV ad for Cheerios and generally being silly with Morrisons we thought we’d spend a couple of days making a new ident for our showreel and development projects.

Essentially we wanted something that could encapsulate who we are and what we do -in five seconds! Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we started by distilling ourselves into a handful of key thoughts.

One of those thoughts happened to be experimenting with materials and as such we went about using a blend of old and new techniques to give us a visually striking piece. Each frame of the animation was first designed digitally and then exported for laser cutting. Every section of the animation was then cut from a different material to give the final animation a very tactile and textured look which mirrors the handmade techniques still used in our industry. The various materials we utilised included plasticine, wood, papier-mâché, metal and vinyl. One other element essential to making our ident work was the inclusion of our lead animator James, who we captured during the process as a separate exposure, to celebrate our handmade approach.

And, as if that wasn’t different enough, we shot the ident in reverse to ensure the final composition was perfect and used a motion control rig to guarantee a dynamic camera move. We’re glad we did though as the final film looks great and aptly symbolizes what we do and how we do it; from idea generation to crafting models and sets to film making to cross platform delivery. Enjoy.

We’re off to do some real work.


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