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So we may not actually be 100% verified soothsayers just yet, but we’ve got an inkling about 2017 that we thought we should share. Lean in my friend. This year animated content is going to be big. Huge even.

You see with audiences being less tolerant of advertising than ever before, it’s crucial that what you put in front of them resonates, and is something they’ll want to share.

A+C Creative Director David Clark said:

“The past twelve months have reinforced our belief that the audience really is king.  If we want them on side moving forward we have to connect on their terms and create content they’ll love.”

Now one easy way to improve your chances is by using the aforementioned animated content.  Its flexibility, memorability and surprise factor ensures that brands increase their audience share, build customer loyalty and in turn drive sales. Win-win-win.

Ogilvy Producer James Royce commented:

“We came with an idea deemed too ambitious for the budget and timings available. They immediately said it could be done in animation and proceeded to deliver without compromising the original vision of the films.”

Of course you’d need people that knew a bit about animating and maybe even had their own studio to help reduce production time and costs. Hmm tricky.

Oh well if you cant think of anyone then maybe ask one of these guys for a suggestion.

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