Animated social content

At the start of this year we’re focussing on content and its importance across channels such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Video content has become a powerful tool for brands looking to communicate with their audiences and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like changing.

Thanks to that clever troop of primates at Gorilla Gorilla, we can now prove that brands using animation will increasingly stand out in this saturated world of content. Having recently conducted a survey covering 220 of the UK’s biggest brands, they are now perfectly positioned to deliver wise words on the subject. The competing brands were judged on five best-practice criteria including; ‘narrative idea and script’, ‘memorability and emotional connection’ and ‘brand consistency’. The panel of judges eventually concluded that Google, Apple and American Express were among the brands using the medium to best effect.

 Gorilla Gorilla Creative Director Dean Beswick said:

 “Google is overwhelmingly the stand-out brand. From simple explainers to more emotive people-led animated stories they employ a consistent tone of voice— managing to balance a light-hearted touch with often detailed or complex subject matter.”

As if this wasn’t motivation enough to run out into the street and animate anything you can lay your hands, figures just released for Sainsbury’s Christmas sales show they’ve hit an all time record of over £1bn. Their quintessentially British commercial played on our love of stop motion and managed to capture the public’s imagination, clicks and most importantly spend.

A+C Creative Director David Clark commented:

 “Animation helps our clients to develop a unique style that can easily set them apart from their competitors. Done well it draws viewers in and lets them experience what your brand is really about”.

And with the growth of social video showing no signs of abating, there’s huge pressure on brands to produce quality content not just quantities of content.  Luckily for them stop motion is adept at delivering craft and creativity by the bucket load. Animated ones of course.


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