Happy Eggs stop motion animation

Alarmingly there’s still a huge amount of confusion across the pond surrounding free-range and what it entails, and as such the Happy Egg Company along with Blimey Creative,hatched a plan to show US egg lovers what it should mean.

Since 2012, when they launched the brand in the US, they’ve worked hard to peck away at the free-range misconceptions and we’re pleased to announce that it’s finally worked! They are now officially the no.1 free-range brand on the egg aisle. Hooray! To celebrate Blimey wanted something extraspecial to highlight what Happy Eggs free-range means. Luckily for them, and us, we poked our beaks in and produced a colourful little film to help American consumers understand the importance of happy chickens, and keep them making the right decisionin the supermarket aisle.

As ever we did all the work in house but production is never quite complete without flying in the rather super Jim Parkyn a Head model maker at Aardman. Having worked on Creature Comforts, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep his animal artistry was a perfect fit for our little fowl film.

It’s the painstakingly handmade quality that unleashes animation’s potential for magic, in turn hopefully resulting in a wonderfully atmospheric film.  We certainly didn’t spare any pain on this one but our slick processes meant that we still managed to build all sets and models, animate and post the spot in less than 7 weeks. What the cluck!

Dan Richards, Director, chirped:

“Happy Eggs wanted to champion their free range ethos, so the use of a natural materials such as paper seem to suit be a perfect match. Growing up as a child, I built my first characters and creations using egg boxes and paper, so it was fun to get back to my roots. The innocent of paper and card made for a wonderful aesthetic, which our model team engineered into a vibrant props and characters.”

Here’s the final film for you to enjoy:

 If you’re curious as to how we made it, here’s a behind-the-scenes film to nibble on:


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