Claymation Plasticine Shelf

The nostalgia of children’s TV makes clay animation one of the fondest forms of stop-motion animation. Plasticine and clay can be morphed, moulded and crafted into any shape making it the perfect medium for creating memorable characters and telling memorable stories.

In the UK, Aardman Animation’s Morph and Wallace and Gromit have been entertaining families for decades. The model’s imperfections are what make them perfect characters for the whole family. Fingerprints left by model makers or textures left through sculpting are what leave their mark in people’s memories. Aardman’s Peter Lord explained that these imperfections, “Tell you they are real. They are tangible”.

Here at A+C we use the original Plasticine (now named Newplast produced by Newclay) which is produced in the UK. It is non-drying, non-hardening and totally reusable, which makes it ideal for long animation shoots which can last months.

Over the years we’ve animated a number of clay animation projects. Nowhere is our passion for this art form more evident than in our latest project for AXA Insurance. The stop-frame film uses characters made from Plasticine to highlight insurance for the entertainment and film industry.

We’ve had fun with in-house Plasticine projects too. We are often asked what A+C stands for and so we created our own stop-motion series using the mouldable clay titled ‘What is A+C?’ The series features our characters ‘A’ and ‘C’ getting themselves into plenty of hi-jinks.

For one of our series of National Days films, we decided to pay tribute to one of the Nation’s favourite board games, Scrabble! But we didn’t just stick to animating the iconic lettering. Instead, we took the concept a step further by adding fun claymation sequences to bring the words to life. These ranged from a mischievous crab to a walking ear! Adding these clay models helped give the animation personality and humour, allowing us to put our own unique spin on this classic game we all know and love.  

If you have a concept that you think would lend itself perfectly to claymation or simply want to find out more about our studio can help you with content creation, we’d love to hear from you.

Why not also download our guide to stop-motion animation to learn about how we approach our production work HERE



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