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Electronics giant Canon have launched their new range of PIXMA cartridgeless printers in Asia and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Our UK based animation studio worked with the team at Canon Singapore HQ to develop a campaign which brought to life their revolutionary refillable ink bottles, which we decided to name ‘The Inkies’.  

Canon’s new range of PIXMA printers feature a refillable ‘Mega Tank’ for ink instead of internal cartridges and Canon wanted to showcase this unique feature in a way that was simple and fun. Introducing the printer using the refillable bottles, our cast of ‘Inkies’ showcased the product’s features and benefits. Traditionally, product videos can be dull and very slow paced, so we worked with the team at Canon to make a film which went against the traditional ‘technical specs’ film.

Inkies is a mix of live action puppetry, stop-motion and computer animation. The puppetry and stop-motion took 4 days in total to shoot and then it was down to our in-house post production team to add the faces and arms to each character.  

The process started with live action filming, which made up around 90% of the footage, this took just a day with a crew consisting of four puppeteers including our Director Dan who took control of one of the cast. The four puppeteers brought the ‘inkies’ to life, controlled by green screened rods.  The rest of the shoot was for the stop-frame sections. Once the stop-frame was complete our post-production team added the eyes, faces and limbs, using computer generated animation.

Our director Dan said;

“We really enjoyed working on this project as it was a mixture of puppetry, stop-motion and 2D facial animation. We had great fun bringing to life the ‘Inkies’ characters and giving them their own personalities. Canon really wanted to make the refill bottles the stars of the show and it was great working with them to make that a reality”

The film is running live across channels in a variety of different Asian markets and can be seen below;

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