Lego stop frame animation

OK, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a party but we definitely had lots of fun, made some great new friends plus we’re still cleaning up the breakages several weeks later. We are of course referring to LEGO’s recent visit to our studio in Margate.

So they may now only be the 2nd most powerful brand in the whole wide world but we decided to cut them some slack and work with them anyway. We’re good like that.

As part of their recent strategy to involve co-creation and fan generated content in it’s marketing, LEGO partnered up with Facebook’s Creative Shop to ask children around the world to create a “Kronkiwongi”.

Now “Kronkiwongi” may have been a made up word, but that didn’t stop them from imagining and building one from LEGO bricks. The hugely successful four-week campaign saw kids from numerous countries and cultures doing what they do best — using their creativity

Inspired and engaged parents then uploaded the block busting content to Facebook, which finally resulted in an impressive 37 million views. Everything was Awesome.

Rob Newlan, the head of Creative Shop, said;

“The creative potential surrounding this project was unlimited, but our focus was to develop something that felt true to the LEGO purpose and would resonate with parents on Facebook. And we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created together; a series of videos that celebrate children’s unbridled imagination and creativity”.

By now you’re probably wondering how it was that we came to the party aren’t you? Well,having had so much success with the project they decided to enter it for Cannes Lions(a wise move it turns out — they won Gold)and as such wanted some premium animation to match their campaign.

Now we never believed that LEGO Master Builders were real but one blew in from Denmark and built lots of stuff quicker than we can open a packet of Custard Creams. He amazed and scared us with his inhuman skills. Half man, half LEGO probably. After that my guess is that we will never hear from him again.

The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.

And like that…. he was gone.


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