Following the success of our trivago campaign, we’ve taken some time to interview members of the talented crew involved. Hetty was one of the model making team who helped to hand-craft each beautiful set, prop and character featured in the film. Here’s what Hetty has to say…

How and when did you realise that you wanted to become a model-maker?
I fell into model making slowly and organically. I finished my A-levels and moved to London.  At school I was very art and film motivated. In London I worked various jobs including au-pairing before working as a chef for almost 3 years while keeping sketchbooks, and thinking a lot about how to earn a living creatively. I gradually became more interested in costume, set design and sculpture and that led me to a model making and character creation course. 

What inspires you most about model-making?
When I first began learning about model making and stop-frame animation in particular- the sheer range of infinitely different ways to create and the skill sets one person can acquire was completely overwhelming, yet very motivating at the same time. To know I will never stop learning new skills and finding different ways to bring an artistic vision to life is truly inspiring.

What training have you had that has helped you in your career?
 I have found the most invaluable training to be working with other makers on a job. Being relatively fresh into the industry it is an honour to meet and work alongside so many insanely talented people and I learn so much every time.

What was your first job in the industry?
My first big job was set dressing on the animated feature film; Isle of Dogs. I was part of the most incredible team, working closely with so many other departments for almost a year after graduating and the education has been invaluable! 

What did you do on the production of trivago?
I was involved in many stages of the build starting with the sets of the different hotel rooms as well as the props. Focussing on tiny details like defining the shape of a stylish chair, smoothing down the bed covers or shaping a croissant to perfection was such an interesting process to be involved with. I also helped with rigging during the filming as well as dressing the sets.

What else did you enjoy most about working on the trivago project with us?
A+C is in such a great location in Margate which was a real bonus. The team and crew were lovely which was great to be a part of. Everyone collaborated really well and put so much fun and energy into the project.

Were there any elements of the project that you found challenging?
As always with model-making, there is a lot of problem solving! But that’s what I love about it, the thought process and attention to detail. However, a problem that can’t be solved…… Archie the studio dog – he eats tape measures, fresh casts, anything you can’t keep your eye on, gets chewed!

You grew up in the Margate area so how have you seen it change over the years? What are your thoughts and experiences of the creative scene currently taking place in Margate?
I was born in Margate and my dad still lives in Ramsgate but I have moved. Gentrification is happening fast all over the country and I’m sure most people will have experienced it in one way or another. It is plain to see in Margate- but like many places it has pros and cons- for example I am definitely benefitting from being able to work so close to home. The ‘creative boom’ can be quite segregating when it happens so fast and ultimately I have mixed opinions on the subject. I know people who are worried and people who are excited about it. It’s always good to hear about inclusive projects and artist collaborations taking place because I believe that art and creativity have the potential to enrich the lives of anyone and everyone. 

Check out Hetty doing her thing in our behind the scenes film here:


If you’re interested in working with us for future projects, looking for freelance opportunities or want to get in touch, simply send your CV, portfolio or show-reel to [email protected] and keep a look out on our careers page. In the meantime, stay tuned for up and coming interviews with another member of the trivago production crew.



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