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Many people might have been steering clear of the drinks cabinet last month as part of Sober-October, but not here at A+C.

We were pleased to see the launch of three different beer commercials for brands including Coors Light, Staropramen’s Pravha and Gadds. Mastering how to pour that perfect pint has proved to be a real craft here at our animation studio, and here’s the proof!

During each shoot the products were lovingly handled by specialist beer stylists, brought in to make the beer look it’s very, very best! For the Coors Light production we were lucky to work with ‘The liquid Genius’ Ray Spencer. Ray is the world’s ‘go-to’ Beer stylist, with hundreds of gigs under his belt including the lucrative Bond film’s beer stylist title.

Coors stop-motion

The first advertising campaign was for Coors introducing the new 330ml sized can. We have created a variety of product films using stop-motion animation and this film included four products from the Coors range. The film’s concept lent itself perfectly to stop-frame animation, allowing us to magically crush the the original 440ml sized can to its new smaller compact size.

From the brewers of Staropramen, Pravha is a lighter tasting drink which lends itself to the heritage of Prague. We worked on two films for the brand, both going live across their social media channels. These two GIFs, incorporate stop-frame techniques to ensure the ‘Spin’ and ‘Pour’ of the product appears smooth, slick and mouth-wateringly drinkable.

beer animation

Finally, we were also very excited to be involved in our local Margate music festival, ‘By The Sea’ where some incredible acts, such as the ‘The Libertines’ headlined. The festival came up with a new concept of providing a quality tasting pale ale in a can. We thought this was a great idea and so were very happy to get involved and help them produce this simple and engaging stop-motion film for social media to help promote the festival.

Here you can watch all three social campaigns, we hope you enjoy every last drop!

If you like our product animations and have any ideas or scripts in mind, be sure to contact our studio producer on email at [email protected] or by calling 02033933038. Alternatively, you can contact us here.


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