What better place to be than by the sea. We love animating and we get to do what we love in one of the most inspiring, exciting and culturally rich places in Britain. There are many reasons why being here in Margate is so important for our production studio, here are just a few reasons why we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else:

Culture: Margate has always had a rich culture, from as far back as the long Victorian summers and the Jolly Boys’ Outing of the 80’s right through to the more recent opening of the Turner Contemporary in 2011 and the re-opening of the Dreamland in 2015, if the streets could talk they’d be many a tale to tell. It’s been a place for people to holiday, relax and express themselves for centuries and will be for centuries to come.

Creative Community: It’s no secret that Margate has attracted many ‘creative’ minds over the past few years. Commonly referred to as ‘Shoreditch On Sea’ following the departure of many East Londoners in search for pastures new, the small seaside town has been establishing itself as a thriving creative hub. Home to writers, actors, artists, designers and entrepreneurs to name a few, Margate is brimming with talent. We have had the privilege of working with a variety of highly talented model-makers, puppet fabricators, paper engineers, scenic artists, animators, lighting directors, VO artists and DOPs, all living locally to Margate. We have access to a plethora of specialists who all help produce and shape the work we do.  

Studio Space: We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our incredible studio space. We are very privileged to be able to fit every element of the animation production process under one roof. And what an amazing roof it is, the Victorian building is steeped in history and is an all-round beautiful piece of architecture. Boasting two studios, one with a U-shaped infinity curve, digital lab, edit suite and model-making workshop, it really is an incredibly unique set up and an animator’s paradise.

Sea: It’s Margate’s biggest asset, the sea. It makes for gorgeous summer days, mesmerising sunrises and sunsets and the opportunity to dip your toes in the ocean any time you want. Its waters are wild in the winter and tranquil in the summer. The sea brings the community together and offers the perfect excuse to meet up with friends whether it’s a swim in the tidal pool on New Year’s Day or a BBQ on the Beach for the summer solstice, everyone here really does like to be beside the seaside; oh we do like to be beside the sea.

Margate Magic: Margate is magical. Its gravitas is real and it’s why so many have been won over by the small seaside town. The pull of the beach and ocean views, the Victorian architecture and fairground nostalgia draws people in and like Hotel California, they can check out but never leave.


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