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We don’t just do stop-motion and social content… We also love producing Explainer videos and working in 2D worlds as well.Here at A+C we’ve recently created an explainer film for HEAT (Higher Education Access Tracker). The film was created to be shown across the UK at schools as a resource to help young people understand how data they provide can improve access to higher education, bigger picture stuff!

Explainer films are a great way of shuttling a brand’s message directly to an audience, quickly and effectively. They’re the perfect way to get across any part of a business in a short concise, engaging way. Because let’s face it, who wants to read pages and pages of text? Here’s a few reasons why animated explainers are so essential.

Why video?

Attention spans are shortening, it’s a fact. As much as we’d like to believe we can study all the options in detail when looking for something specific online, we only spend 10-20 seconds on a site if we’re not strongly compelled to stay. The first 10 seconds of a user landing on your website are crucial to convincing your audience to stay. You have to stand out from the crowd and make your offer the most attractive one. It’s pretty hard to do that with text and pictures because everyone is doing that. To really grab that attention you’ve got to take a step further.

Video allows people to absorb far more information than reading, with visual information being processed 60,000 times faster than text. An Invodo report suggested that video viewers are 1.6x more likely to buy, 96% of customers believe video helped them make purchase decisions and social videos are shared 12 times more often than text and images together!

All in all using an explainer video on your website, in presentations and on social media just makes sense.

But Why Animation Specifically?

Some things will always be better done with real actors and live action video. Everyone loves a Jackie Chan movie where he did all the stunts. Beats the hell out of some of the questionable CG actors we’ve seen in recent years, right? Well, that might be true but we’re not talking about a Hollywood blockbuster here. When getting across your product or service, animation has some distinct advantages.

Concepts or strategies are difficult to show with other means, but with animation the possibilities are endless. You can visualise almost anything; statistics, workflows, results and other fairly intangible or complicated information can be easily conveyed. Visual elements can morph, form, grow and move around in a digital environment in clever ways with or without text, characters or props, allowing information to be put across extremely quickly and effectively.

Animated explainer videos can also help you build a bond with your audience – its delicate but potent. Your potential customers need to see something they can relate to, and animated characters work really well for this. Representation through animated characters helps trigger emotions and empathy with your customers. They’ll identify with the characters but will also be more engaged with what your company does.

There are many ways animation can be used for business and we’re always happy to give a free consultation. Give us a call or drop us an email and our creative would be happy to chat. Telephone¬† +44 (0) 20 33933038 or email [email protected]


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