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At A+C we specialise in creating engaging animated explainer videos for all business types. We know that pushing out complex concepts or strategies can be difficult and we believe that animation is the perfect way of doing so. In less than a minute an animated explainer can show your audience exactly what your product or service is all about.

But don’t just take our word for it. Research into this highly effective marketing tool has highlighted just how much an animated explainer video can benefit your business:

Animation is 40% more memorable than live-action video content

Video stimulates both visual and auditive senses, creating a stronger impact on the human brain, making it more engaging than plain text and other communication tools. However, unlike live-action video, the visual possibilities with animation are endless, meaning there is nothing that can’t be shown or simply conveyed.

Incorporating animated characters, graphics or visual metaphors that reflect your brand’s ethos allows you to connect emotionally with your audience, and grow empathy and identification with your customers. This delivers a personal approach and greatly increases the chances of memorability and brand recall.

HEAT, Explainer video

Promote your product in just seconds

There’s a reason that they are called explainer videos – it’s because they can explain your product in mere seconds! With the average internet users attention span being just 8 seconds you have a very small window of opportunity to hook someone in before they click away.

Not only do explainers instantly grab attention, they convey information in a highly focused, compelling way. So why not quickly and effectively shuttle your brand’s message directly to an audience through clear statistics, benefits, results and other intangible information.

Ascot Garden Show 2018, 2 D Animation

Increase conversion rates

Let’s face it, conversion is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. So the good news is that 73% of people are more likely to buy a product if they have viewed an explainer video first.

A professional explainer will differentiate your product from its competitors by using strong narrative to provide insights while creating brand awareness, authority and trust.

Lord’s Cricket Ground, Explainer video

Improve your Google ranking

Putting it simply, Google loves video!

Animated video can help reduce your bounce rate, increase the user time on page, improve backlinks and help grow your social audience, all factors that will improve your Google ranking. Not only that, explainers are evidence that your site contains quality , rich media, relevant to search requests.

Wimbledon Foundation, Explainer video

If you like the sound of boosting your brand and have a service or product that could benefit from an explainer animation, either contact us today or come and say hello at Marketing Week Live on the 7th and 8th March.

You can check out existing work we have produced for clients in our animated explainers reel here.




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