Anglepoise. Abandon Darkness.

Anglepoise lamps in workshop on desk

When we were approached by Anglepoise late last year to produce an advert for the launch of their lifelong guarantee, our faces lit up. Having the opportunity to work for such a distinguished British institution was something we were all excited about.

The Power of Paper-Craft – 5 top tips for animating with paper

paper-craft, model-making, animation, stop-motion

Paper-craft animation is loved the world over thanks to its charm, striking aesthetic and accessibility. Cut out animation was one of the earliest forms of stop-motion and is still a firm favourite with audiences today – thanks in no small part to the early seasons of South Park. We love nothing more than using the […]

SIX Attributes To Being A Great Stop-Motion Animator

Being a stop-motion animator is the ultimate job. What could be better than being paid to play around with puppets and make incredible films? But it’s not for the faint-hearted. Beyond the obvious skills of the job, there are less apparent attributes that are essential, paramount even, to being an incredible animator. Here are six […]

How Long Does Stop-Motion Animation Really Take To Make?

Behind the scenes Trivago TVC

When people think of stop-motion more often than not what springs to mind, after Wallace & Gromit of course, is the craft involved in making it. Not least the time. Oh, the time. Often described as ‘time-consuming’ or ‘painstaking’ stop-motion is by nature, not the quickest process around, but how long does it really take […]

Animating with LEGO™ – Our Top Tips and Tricks

Everything IS awesome when it comes to LEGO™. It’s the toy that spans all generations, genders and geographies. It unites, it inspires and it gets people’s imaginations ignited. From the iconic brick to the tiny yellow characters, the possibilities are endless.

Video Killed The Photograph Star – The power of video on social media

Lego stop-motion

Video is set to rule social media in 2019, it’s been an upward trend since 2016 and today it’s never been so important. It’s simple, audiences engage better with moving pictures and social platforms reward this. From a personal page right through to the largest brands on the platforms everyone is using video, even Instagram, […]

Making it in Margate – Animating by the Sea

What better place to be than by the sea. We love animating and we get to do what we love in one of the most inspiring, exciting and culturally rich places in Britain. There are many reasons why being here in Margate is so important for our production studio, here are just a few reasons […]

Cricket’s Coming Home

2019 is set to be a huge year for the Home of Cricket. Alongside a fixture list comprising of County Championship matches, International Tests and the T20 Blast, Lord’s will also play host to the ICC Cricket World Cup and The Ashes. So with one of the most eagerly anticipated cricketing summers in recent times […]

A Guide to our Guides


We love to make things as easy as possible for our clients. So we have written a handful of guides to help with just that. From understanding the stop-motion production process right through to writing an animation brief, there are tips and pointers for anyone embarking on an animation project.  Here’s all you need to […]

The Creativity of Claymation

Claymation Plasticine Shelf

The nostalgia of children’s TV makes clay animation one of the fondest forms of stop-motion animation. Plasticine and clay can be morphed, moulded and crafted into any shape making it the perfect medium for creating memorable characters and telling memorable stories.

Why every website needs an explainer video in 2019

Why your website needs an explainer

We’ve all heard terms like video strategy and video marketing and let’s be honest… it can all sound a little daunting. So when it comes to having video content on your website, where should you start and more importantly what are the benefits?

My Stop-Motion Studio Internship – By James Yuill

I’ve had an interest in animation ever since I was young. Most of my mornings would be spent watching cartoons, and most evenings watching films. As I got older I began to spend more time researching how the animations I loved were actually made. It quickly became clear to me how much hard work and […]

A Look Back at our Animation Studio in 2018

A Look back at our animation studio in 2018

2018 has been and gone so we’re now all getting used to putting a nine at the end of the date (or if you’re anything like me it’s more a case of scribbling over the eight with a bold nine once you’ve realised your mistake!).

Best Animation Books for Animators


Animation is all about observation, learning how to bring characters to life through movement. Here at our studio, we still reference animation books daily. People often ask what animation books we recommend so we’ve put this list together for animation new comers as well as seasoned pros. With Christmas just around the corner maybe Santa […]

Paper-Craft & Stop-frame Animation; the Perfect Partnership!

Paper Chicken

We’ve had a great response to our recent paper-craft animation for British Airways, so we wanted to talk about our passion for paper. Paper-craft has become increasingly popular in stop-frame animation over the last few years, and for good reason.

A+C Explains it all with LEGO bricks

Explained with LEGO - Stop-motion

How long would it take to drive to the moon? Do leprechauns create rainbows? Can cars drive themselves? These are exactly the questions LEGO’s new “Explained with LEGO Bricks” series is aiming to answer with a brand new educational show that mixes live-action and stop-motion animated comedy. 

Behind the scenes: meet stop-motion model-maker, Hetty

Following the success of our trivago campaign, we’ve taken some time to interview members of the talented crew involved. Hetty was one of the model making team who helped to hand-craft each beautiful set, prop and character featured in the film. Here’s what Hetty has to say…

How to engage your audience with animated content

Our latest downloadable guide is focused on understanding your audience – which is where all great video content begins. After all, animated video wont engage, educate or inspire if your audience don’t associate with it – regardless of how good it looks.